Whether it be a sick child battling an illness or a senior in need of a smile at Christmas, 

we meet needs when and where we can.


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Our group visits Saint Francis Children's Hospital several times a year.  We go room to room greeting each patient and and give them a few small gifts (made possible by donations).  During the pandemic, we did several parades outside of the hospital, walking around the buildings and waving at the kids above in 2020 and 2021.

We raise funds for toys, coloring books, puzzles, blankets, gift cards, and other items for the kids aged 0 to 17 and deliver them to the hospital.


Often, we are called upon to visit or surprise people at their home.  We visit individuals from all walks of life and offer them support.  Whether the person is fighting cancer, or a serious medical condition, or suffered a traumatic event, people call on us to bring happiness to those who need it.  Your donations help us meet specific needs for the recipient, if there are any.

During the pandemic, we did many porch/driveway visits, and participated in drive-by events celebrating birthdays or other celebrations.


Our group visits assisted living facilities and nursing homes several times a year.

At Christmastime, we have our Senior Stocking Project.  The "stockings" are tote bags containing simple items like socks, deodorant, shampoo/conditioner, bars of soap, and hard candy just to name a few items on the list.  In our first year, we delivered 40 stockings.  In 2021, we filled 240 stockings for seniors in 4 cities in Oklahoma!  In 2022, we filled almost 600 stockings!


We partner with other organizations to bring smiles to people of all ages.  Since 2018, we have worked with Tulsa Pop Kids, American Cancer Society, The Make-A-Wish Foundation, The Little Light House, The Mack Impact, LIFE Senior Services, Gold4Kids, Families Fighting Childhood Cancer, Hopestone Cancer Support Center of Bartlesville, and Hydrants of Hope to name a few.  

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In Memory of Bailey Dodson

November 12, 2014 - May 16, 2020

Bailey was Real Okie Superheroes' first home visit in December 2018, after we got word that her two favorite superheroes were Wonder Woman and Captain America.  We brought her gifts and sat down to make slime with her.

She was a spunky, energetic little girl who was diagnosed with DIPG.  We had the honor of being there to support her and her family until the end.  She fought bravely and gained her angel wings in May 2020.


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