We need the following information emailed to

To help someone who is suffering from an illness, injury, or traumatic event:

Who it's for - age, gender, diagnosis/situation

Where you are located - Address, City

What you'd like us to do - home visit, hospital visit, attend an event (birthday party, drive by parade, fundraiser) etc.

What this person needs - toys for a birthday, a special item to help with medical needs, etc.

When you need a visit - please allow at least 30 days notice

Who you want to do the visit - subject to availability

We may require proof of diagnosis or treatment from a healthcare professional associated with the person you're nominating.

To request an appearance at event:

Is this charity related?  If yes, continue.

Name of your organization

Type of event - fundraiser for charity, visit at a nursing home, etc

Location of your event

Date and time of your event - please allow at least 30 days notice

Which characters you'd like to attend, if applicable - subject to availability

Outdoor Events in Extreme Heat: We limit these appearances to 1 hr.  Host must provide hydration and snacks and a place to "cool off" for the safety of our volunteers.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

If you're a business that would like us to make an appearance in exchange for a donation to our charity, let us know!

If this is NOT charity related (for example, you need a superhero or princess for your child's birthday party), check out these resources on Facebook:

918 Spidey

Batman of Oklahoma

Once Upon a Crown

Character Connection